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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is new for Eyecon in 2019?

    We have made a number of changes to make Eyecon work better in various conditions. One of which is the automatic daily wake-up function. The Eyecon Box will now wake up once a day to sync with the OCULAR server without requiring any physical input.

    Older versions of Eyecon can be updated to take advantage of the new functions. Please contact us for more details.

  2. Overview: How does the Eyecon Box work?

    The Eyecon Box is designed to enter sleep mode frequently to conserve energy. Once initial setup is done, the box will sleep in 5 minutes or when it is unlocked. In sleep mode, the number and Enter keys do not work. To wake up the box, press the * key and the green LED will flash within 3 seconds, indicating that the box is powered on and ready for use. 

    When a correct Picture Key or PIN is entered, the green LED flashes, and you will have 3.5 seconds to pull the gold lever down to unlock the box. This unlock time is customizable, please contact us if you need assistance.

    If you are managing the Eyecon Box remotely through the OCULAR server, updates will take place within 24 hours or the next time the box is powered on (whichever happens first). For example, if you add a PIN on the OCULAR server while the box is powered on, you have to unlock the box and wake it up again by pressing the * key in order for the change to take effect.  If changes are made when the box is in sleep mode, they will be applied at the next automatic wake-up (once every 24 hours) or when the * button is pressed.

  3. Connection problems: I can’t connect to the Eyecon Box

    Be sure your mobile device is connected to the WiFi hotspot called “Eyecon Box”. If you do not see a “Eyecon Box” WiFi network available on your mobile device, please press and hold the * button on the keypad of the lockbox and wait for a green LED to flash. This will wake up the Eyecon Lockbox allowing you to connect.

  4. Getting Started: What if I do not have a WiFi to add during the on-screen set up ?

    You may skip this step during set up by pressing the submit button on the bottom of your screen. Please note that you will not be able to manage your lockbox remotely if it is not connected to Wifi. 

  5. Getting Started: I tried going back during the on-screen set up and was kicked out.

    When going back a step please use the back arrow within the interface and not the back button on your web browser. 

  6. Power: How Can I tell if my lockbox is awake?

    Press the Enter key, and you should hear the buzzer and see the LED's flash if the box is on. If there is no response, press and hold the * button on the keypad and wait for a green LED to flash. This will wake up the Eyecon Box. Your Eyecon Box sleeps to conserve energy.   

  7. Power: What batteries should I use?

    Eyecon Box uses four lithium AA batteries — they can be bought in supermarkets, convenience stores etc.

  8. Power: How long do batteries last?

    Battery life may vary depending on usage . New lithium batteries have been tested to last for up to 10,000 entries with light usage.

  9. Usage: How can I send Picture Keys to another person?

    Email is the best method to send Picture Keys to others. Due to security restrictions, texting picture keys is not officially supported.

  10. Usage: Can I take a photo directly in the web browser and use that as the Picture Key?

    You can take a photo in the web browser, however, the picture won't be saved automatically. Please take a photo using your device's camera app and upload it through the web browser in order to set it as the Picture Key.

  11. Usage: How do I edit and manage my lockbox remotely ?

    You will need to visit ocular.eyeconlock.com and login. Your box must be connected to WiFi (802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz) in order to take advantage of this feature. 

  12. Usage: The LED light flashed green but my box did not open.

    When the the LED light flashes green and your screen reads "Welcome" your lockbox is unlocked. You will have 3.5 seconds to pull the gold lever down and open your lockbox. 

  13. Usage: I’ve lost my phone. How do I remove the picture keys from the lost or stolen phone?

    Login to your account at ocular.eyeconlock.com and remove the picture keys that were stored on your stolen phone.

  14. Usage: Is my iPhone, Samsung Phone, iPad, Galaxy Tablet, or Laptop compatible with the Eyecon Box?

    The Eyecon Box creates a WiFi hotspot to enable administration and access, so all of the popular and latest WiFi-enabled mobile devices should be compatible with the Eyecon Box. There is no mobile app to download.

  15. Usage: On-screen instructions can be found here.